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        Today was a day of long soaking rain so it was a perfect time for Mary and me to sit back and soak up your music. Mary, being a native born Texas gal, loved the first song, "I Know You Never" and even more "Big Jake's Comin' to Town" because they had that good ol' Texas country ring to them. The Big Jake cut had it all, the arrangement, the voice, the execution, your delivery and of course the lyrics with the completely unexpected twist at the end. We loved it!

        Meanwhile I was busy writing notes and I jotted down "love the guitar work" on both those cuts. Later I discovered that I'd written the same thing for every single song on the album. You got that ax mastered, sister! (Little musician talk there.)

        I liked your voice and loved the driving tempo in "Universal You." Then just when I was getting used to your sound you went and took on a Jamaicany Caribbean West Indies Islander accent for "Grey Blue Day" and it was a fun easy to like little ditty in all respects.

        And then of course you blew it away with "Penguin in a Motel" that transitioned into the hard driving "There's a Jam Goin' Down" in which you upped your vocal range (is that the right term?) which was totally right for that song. And that, at the very end of your CD, is what gave me an insight into your music.

        Just this: that husky musky silky sultry voice of yours is absolutely perfect for American country western music. You bring that voice to some place like where we live - Fort Worth, Texas, official nickname "Cowtown" - and croon a few throaty forlorn lost love ballads or hammer away at some good ol' hard drinkin' hard livin' hard lovin' hard truckin' up tempo tomboyin' tunes and you can step up onto any stage in any cowboy dance hall in the state and become an instant hit.

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